Employment Litigation


When litigation is unavoidable, trust the experienced attorneys of Pearson Law Group. From small administrative proceedings to bet the company litigation, Pearson Law Group will work to achieve great results. The attorneys of Pearson Law Group have combined jury and bench trial experience of well over 50 trials representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Favorable outcomes, whether through settlement or jury verdict, often require a commitment to go to trial and an understanding of what is needed to tell the jury a compelling story.

The attorneys of Pearson Law Group analyze and evaluate each case early so that they can advise clients about the potential risks of the case and devise the most sensible strategy. Their litigation experience combined with a desire to take a case to trial rather than settle for undesirable amount, distinguishes Pearson Law Group.

If your case lacks merit, or simply is not as strong as you believe, Pearson Law Group’s seasoned attorneys are not afraid to give clients candid and frank advice in order to avoid unnecessary legal fees.

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